About Our Static Control / ESD Ionizers

Ground Zero Electrostatics provides the highest quality ESD Ionizers in the ESD Electronics Industry, specifically designed for all types of ESD safe environments where an ESD event could prove harmful or critical to an electronic device. Although Ionization is good ESD practice in controlling necessary non-grounded static charge generators, they are not replacements for ESD Wrist Straps, Heel Grounder or other ESD Personnel Grounding Devices and or ESD materials.

We provide the most through range of ESD Ionizers, ESD Ionizing blow off guns, ESD Self-Balancing Ionizers as well as Local Area ESD Ionizers, which will protect your valuable electronics, manufacturing areas and work cells, saving you time and money associated with warranty repairs and returns.

Ground Zero Electrostatics ESD Ionization products will help in aiding you with ANSI/ESD S20.20 compliance, by providing a mechanical source for neutralizing harmful electrostatic fields in a workstation environment and other relevant insulator type processes that pose threat for a potential ESD event.

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