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Item Number:


Weight: 1 lbs (0.5 kg)
Length: 8.25 Inches (21 cm)
Width: 7.5 Inches (19 cm)
Height: 3.5 Inches (8.5 cm)

PGT-61-154 SureTest® Circuit Analyzer

State-of-the-art branch circuit analyzer by Ideal Industries

The PGT-61-154 SureTest® Circuit Analyzer incorporates all the branch circuit testing capabilities you need to effectively test and troubleshoot a branch circuit. It can apply a full 12, 15 or 20 amp load to a circuit for voltage drop measurements. This capability helps detect high-resistance points that cause fits for equipment on the line, such as loose connections, corroded wires, bad splices or faulty electrical devices.

It also offers important features like True RMS, ground impedance, peak voltage, frequency, GFCI testing and the capability to identify proper wiring in 3-wire receptacles.


General Specifications

Case construction:
ABS UL 94 V/0/5VA rated

Operating Range:
108 to 132 Volts

Power Consumption:
5 Watt continuous; 1800 W peak

97x32 Pixel Graphics Display with backlight

6.5” x 3” x 1”

Weight: 9.4oz

One (1) AC extension cord provided for plug in to outlets.

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temp.:
0° C to 50° C

Storage Temp.:
0° C to 50° C

< 80% RH

2000m (6667 ft.)

designed to IEC 1010-1 UL3111

Input Rating:
150VAC Category III

Overvoltage Category
Cat III:
Distribution level mains, fixed installations

Cat II:
Local level mains, appliances, portable equipment

Cat I:
Signal level, special equipment or parts of equipment, telecommunications, and electronics

Pollution Degree 2:
Do not operate in environments where conductive pollutants may be present


Line Voltage:
108.0 - 132.0VAC 1.0% ± 1 digit

Peak Voltage:
151.0 & #8211; 185.0VAC 1.0% ± 1 digit

45.0 - 85.0Hz 1.0% ± 1 digit

Voltage Drop:
0.1% - 20.0% 1.0% ± 1 digit

Ground-Neutral Voltage:
0.0 - 24.0VAC 1.0% ± 1 digit

0.01 - 9.99O 1.0% ± 1 digit

GFCI Trip Time:
1mS - 7000mS 1.0% ± 1 digit

Width: 3.0" (7.6 cm)
Depth: 1.0" (2.4 cm)
Length: 6.5" (16.5 cm)

9.4 ounces

Cord Length:
13.5" long (34.3 cm)

Technical Documents:
» PGT-61-154 Data Sheet

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