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PRF-911 Concentric Ring Set
Item Number:


Test According To
ESD S11.11 Surface Resistance
ESD S11.12 Volume Resistivity


Weight: 3 lbs (1.3 kg)
Length: 8.25 Inches (21 cm)
Width: 7.5 Inches (19 cm)
Height: 3.5 Inches (8.5 cm)

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PRF-911 Concentric Ring Set

Measure surface resistance and volume resistivity of flat materials
Overview | Specifications

Designed originally for flat (planar) packaging materials, this unique portable test fixture will measure surface resistance and volume resistivity of virtually any flat material in accordance with current industry specifications.

The PRF-911 Concentric Ring is a low-profile test fixture conceived specifically for use with the PROSTAT PRS-801 Resistance System and PRS-812 Resistance Meter. It will measure surface resistance per ESD S11.11-1993, and volume resistance per ESD S11.12, and volume resistivity per ASTM D-257.

Its compact size allows the fixture to be inserted into small flexible containers, such as an ESD protective bag, without having to cut the package.

The PRF-911 incorporates a spring loaded, self aligning center electrode feature. This unusual feature aids in maintaining consistent contact of the fixture's highly conductive rubber electrode surfaces with materials under test. This reduces the need for frequent alignment of the fixture, or dressing the electrode test surfaces.

The PTB-920 Dual Test Bed consists of an insulated test surface for S11.11 surface measurements laminated to a steel test plate, which is employed for volume resistivity measurements. The four inch diameter steel test bed assembly includes a banana receptacle for instrument connections during volume measurements.

  • Surface Resistance measurement of planar materials
  • Volume Resistance measurement of planar material
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PRF-911 Cocentric Ring Set
PRF-911 Cocentric Set Specs.