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PRS-801 Resistance System Set
Item Number:



Weight: 4 lbs (1.8 kg)
Length: 15.5 Inches (39 cm)
Width: 11.5 Inches (29 cm)
Height: 4 Inches (10 cm)

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PRS-801 Resistance System Set

Unique wide range ohmmeter with data logging, calculating and computer communication capabilities
Overview | Specifications

The PRS-801 is a unique, wide range ohmmeter with data logging, calculating and computer communication capabilities. Fully portable and battery operated, the PRS-801 measures resistance from 0.1 to 2.0x1014 ohms with measurement accuracy of ±5%. It can be operated in Automatic, Automatic-Manual and Manual modes.

To enhance accuracy in the 0.1 to 10 ohm ranges, the PRS-801 incorporates an automatic self calibration feature. Low range self calibration is performed using a defined resistance reference supplied with the system.

This sophisticated instrument digitally displays measurements in ohms, kilohms, megohms, gigohms and terohms, and in exponential format, e.g., 1.5E+8. It simultaneously displays data with a fully synchronous analog scale using x1, x10 and x100 multipliers, and a bank of color programmable LED's (<103 to >1014 Ohm). Multiple test voltages are available in <10V, 10V and 100V ranges, which may be selected automatically by the instrument to comply with industry measurement practices or manually by the operator.

The PRS-801 records and stores up to 80 measurements, and calculates Minimum, Maximum and Average of all stored data. Data may be downloaded to standard computer systems via the instrument's RS-232 Output Port, serial cable and supplied software for ESD Program documentation in Windows® Excel® spread sheets.

Fully automatic, the PRS-801 controls test voltage, resistance ranging and electrification period to make the most accurate and repeatable measurements available to ESD Auditors and laboratory technicians.

® Windows and Excel are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation.

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