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ESD Carpet Tile, Static Control Carpet and Anti Static Carpet

ZeroStat ESD Carpet

A low-maintenance, permanent ESD carpet, with interweaved conductive yarn fibers throughout every yarn bundle that are tufted into a fully-conductive backing material for the utmost in permanent static control performance. (Note:This product line is not reccomended for FAA Control Towers or 911 Call Centers. Please see AZO-Stat ESD Carpet for applications.)

XO-Stat ESD Carpet

Exceeding the stringent ESD dampening specifications of IBM, General Electric, Intel, Western Digital, and Hewlett-Packard, XO-Stat static control carpet draws electrostatic potential directly to ground. XO-Stat uses a unique combination of advanced conductive filaments, blended with a solution of yarn dyed fiber, and is ideal for office environments or sensitive electronic manufacturing.

AZO-Stat ESD Carpet

Designed for extra heavy commercial traffic, AZO-Stat ESD carpet is a truly conductive solution capable of handling heavy loads and aggressive wear situations, while maintaining great looks with very low maintenance. It's almost indestructible!

Static Control, Anti Static, and ESD Vinyl Tile Floors

DuroStat SMT

ESD Vinyl Tile for Quality Control Areas; Electronics Manufacturing; Office Areas near static control manufacturing; Warehouse spaces for ESD sensitive materials; Medical Testing facilities with ESD sensitive equipment. Access Floors; Airport Control Towers.


ESD TractionStat Tile is a semi-dull permanently ESD conductive <106 ohms vinyl industrial flooring product.


Conductive tile designed specifically for demanding manufacturing environments such as clean rooms, computer rooms, telecommunication installations, and healthcare facilities which require low outgassing.


ESD tile great for use in clean room environments and operating rooms. Also effective in the medical, electronics, and software industries. Also,it comes in attractive colors that not only protects your hardware but beautifies your surroundings.


Zerostat ESD vinyl tile is the choice for controlling Electrostatics in printed circuit production, computer control rooms, process control, survey rooms, switchboard assembly, lithography and printing industry, health care/ special areas, and most clean room environments or anywhere sensitive electronics are utilized.

UltraTile Dissipative

UltraTile Dissipative tile is a homogeneous, permanent anti static resilient flooring manufactured using the latest technology.

UltraTile Conductive

UltraTile Conductive tile not only provides a new level in ease of installation of static conductive flooring but also superior hygiene by eliminating potential contamination and breakdowns of conductivity.


Quality Control Areas; Electronics Manufacturing; Office Areas near static control manufacturing; Warehouse spaces for ESD sensitive materials; Medical Testing facilities with ESD sensitive equipment. Access Floors; Airport Control Towers.


ESD sheet vinyl recommended for cleanrooms, electronic or semi-conductor manufacturing, on access flooring, in laboratories, airbag and munitions manufacturing, telecommunications and switching rooms, pharmaceutical manufacturing environments, radiology, isotope decontamination rooms and any environment where rapid discharge of electrostatic charges is required.

ElectraStat PU

3-LAYER Vinyl ESD Flooring. Ultimate static safe work surface for electronic assembly areas.

ESD Epoxy Floors:

ZeroStat Crete Fundamentals

ZeroStat Crete incorporates state-of-the-art, static conductive properties into a high performance, two-component, water-based epoxy for use on concrete and other hard surfaces. ZeroStat Crete provides outstanding durability and abrasion resistance while eliminating electrostatic charges which can damage or destroy sensitive electronics components or equipment.

ZeroStat Crete Premier

For applications requiring low VOC and low odor, Ground Zero offers ZeroStat Crete Premier - a waterborne, environment-friendly coating. Ground Zero specializes in leading-edge epoxy and urethane poured floors for heavy and light industry. With unsurpassed quality and service, our engineers and applicators can design a floor to meet the needs of your industry- any industry.

Decorative Epoxy Systems

From lobbies to laboratories, from cleanrooms to lunchrooms, Ground Zero decorative flooring systems combine aesthetic attributes with functional benefits. Not only do they enhance the look of the surrounding environment, they offer resistance against wear, abrasion and many chemicals. We offer four lines of decorative flooring. Each is available in multiple versions and colors.

Which ESD flooring is best for you? Use the ESD Flooring Selection Chart to find out.
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We are the Largest ESD and Static Control Flooring Installer in the world!