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ESD Flooring

ESD and Static Control Flooring - Carpet, Vinyl Tile, Epoxy Floors, Rubber Flooring ESD, Condcutive, Dissipative and ESD Table and Bench Matting and Mats Mechanisms - ESD ground cords, chair grounders, bonding clamps, harware

Personal - Foot Grounders, ESD Shoes, Wrist Straps, Grounding Straps, Wrist Strap Monitors ESD and Static Control Furniture Specialty ESD Office Solutions
Ground Zero Electrostatics manufactures, installs, certifies and services the highest quality ESD Conductive and ESD Dissipative Static Control Flooring in the industry, bar-none.

With the finest quality ESD Flooring we haven’t sacrificed quantity on your ESD flooring options, offering an arsenal of ESD Conductive & Dissipative Anti-Static Vinyl Tiles, ESD Vinyl Sheet Flooring, Static Control Carpeting, (in both ESD Carpet Tile & ESD Broadloom Carpeting), ESD Epoxy Coatings and a full line of ESD Floor Finishes and Static Control Coatings to choose from.

Although Static Control Flooring is our core focus, we also offer a full range of ESD Rubber Matting and Static Control Vinyl Matting, which are available in bulk rolls and pre-cut to meet your requirements and specifications. We are your total source for ESD Bench Mats, ESD Floor Mats & Runner materials, as well as your source for a full line of ESD Anti-Fatigue Flooring solutions.

In addition to Static Mats and ESD Flooring, we provide you with various options for ESD Ground Cords, Grounding Hardware Accessories, ESD Wrist Straps, and Heel Grounders, ESD Constant Monitors & Static Control Test / Auditing Equipment. From concept to completion we are your full service, seamless ESD solution provider.

If you have any questions about any static control issues, give us a call at 1-877-GND-ZERO (463-9376) or email us at