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Ground Cords Snap Kit

Universal Snap Kit

  • Snap to be installed by user
  • Kit includes a 10mm stud, 10mm socket, long screw
    and short screw
  • Allows installation of snap exactly where needed
  • Easy to use and secure installation, for a wide range of
    mat thicknesses
HW000 Universal Snap Kit

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Ground Cord Push and Clinch Snap

Push And Clinch Snap

  • Pronged 10mm stud or socket snap
  • Push and clinch installation
  • Ideal for multi-layer mats with a conductive layer
  • Easy to use, secure installation
HW101 10mm Socket Snap Female

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Ground Cord Snap Attachment Tools

Snap Attachment Tools

  • Rugged, versatile and heavy duty snap tools
  • Easy, secure snap with good electrical connection
  • Ideal for multiple snap installations
  • HW222 Installs post and socket or clinch snaps
  • HW223 Installs 10 mm (3/8") post and socket snaps
HW222 Industrial Snap Attachment Tool
HW223 Snap Attachment Tool
HW103-E (2 pc.) snap and post - 10 mm Female
HW104-E (2 pc.) snap and post - 10 mm Male

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Technical Documents:
» Snap Tool Data Sheet
» Snap Tool Instructions
» Adapters for Snaps Data Sheet

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