Grounding ESD Flooring
Static Control - ESD Carpet 

ZEROSTAT ESD “Mission Critical” Carpet

for Technically Advanced Environments

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Modular Carpet Tile & Broadloom Rolls

CONSTRUCTION: Dense Tufted Textured Graphic Loop
YARN WEIGHT(s): Premier: 26 oz./sq. yd. (Standard); Fundamentals: 20 oz./sq. yd. (Optional); Elite: 30 oz./sq. yd. (Optional)
TOTAL WEIGHT: 150 oz./sq. yd. (Tile); 54 oz./sq. yd. (Broadloom)
STITCHES PER INCH: 10 Stitches / 10 Gauge
PILE HEIGHT: High: 3/16” Low: 1/8

FIBER: Aquafil Alto Chroma 100% Continuous Filament Type 6 Nylon
CONDUCTIVE FIBER: 100% Continuous Conductive ZeroStat™ FiberFusion monofilament in every tuft & yarn end
SIZES AVAILABLE: 24”x 24” Tiles, 12’ Broadloom Rolls

EOS/ESD S7.1 Resistive Characterization of Floor Materials: (6) or more readings from Surface-to-Ground Point. Tested with an applied voltage of 100v. Measurement value in Ohms =
(Minimum): 1.80 X 105(Maximum): 2.90 X 106(Median): 2.55 X 106(Mean): 2.43 X 106
EOS/ESD S7.1 Resistive Characterization of Floor Materials: (6) or more readings between 5lb. Electrodes placed 12” apart. Tested with an applied voltage of 100v. Measurement value in Ohms =
(Minimum): 7.00 X 105(Maximum): 1.50 X 106(Median): 8.15 X 105(Mean): 8.53 X 105
Electrical Resistance / Voltage Test ANSI/ESD S20.20, compliant when using approved personnel footwear per Results within recommended range of <35 Meg Ohms or < 100 volts.
D.O.D. HDBK263A. Section 40.1.2: Meets recommended guidelines for Class 1 ESDS devices.

Conditioning: 50% RH +/- 2% @ 23° C +/- 1° C for 24 Hours.
Test conducted @: 50% RH +/- 2% @ 23° C +/- 1° C.
Test results = Time, seconds to decay to 10% of initial charge. Results, <0.01 seconds

ZeroStat™ Grounding Mechanism: (12 mm) heavy copper strip w/ .080 Stainless Steel ZeroStat™ Plate Assembly
Grounding Frequency: Basic: (1) per 2,000 sq. ft.; Advanced: (1) per 1.000 sq. ft.; Critical: (1) per 500 sq. ft.

Primary: Uni-Stat conductive reinforced (Tile & Broadloom)
Secondary: Fiberglass reinforced Comfort Cushion™ dissipative PVC backing w/ conductive additives (Tile)
Secondary: Static-Back woven Synthetic (Broadloom)

UltraStat™ releasable adhesive system (URAS); Dry Textile adhesive for tile + rolls (1.0 x 104)
UltraStat™ releasable adhesive system (GZ-C2000-R) Pressure sensitive adhesive for tile + rolls (1.0 x 106)
ZeroStat™ permanent adhesive system (GZ-C2000) 1-part modified water base adhesive for tile + rolls (1.0 x 105)

Stock Colors - No Minimum Note: ZeroStat™ Custom 21 - 500 Yard Minimum

ASTM E-648 Flooring Radiant Panel - Class 1 (ASTM E-662 NBS Smoke Density - < 450)

15 Year Heavy Commercial on: Fiber Wear; Stain Removal; Colorfastness
Lifetime on Electrical Properties & ESD Performance

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