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ZEROSTAT ESD “Mission Critical” Carpet

for Technically Advanced Environments
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  1. Over-engineered, ZeroStat™ Carpeting features heavy 0.44 denier conductive yarn fiber interwoven and twisted throughout every yarn bundle and yarn end to assure electrical consistency and permanent performance in 24/7 use and abuse traffic environments.
  2. Controlled capacitive engineering is apparent in our tufting process, as Ground Zero tufts into our UniStat™ fully conductive primary backing system to ensure electrical conductivity throughout the system to ground.
  3. Our proprietary FiberFusion™ technology is advanced connectivity for mechanical fusion between our over-engineered surface fiber construction; critical UniStat™ conductive primary; and our enhanced Comfort Cushion™ secondary backing system. Giving you permanent ESD protection, performance, durability and comfort.
  4. Conductive fibers loaded in our adhesive system provides a uniform conductive matrix for your ZeroStat™ tile system to be installed, allowing for a constant conductive pathway for the electrical charge to flow. regardless if the tiles are in direct contact with one another.
  5. GZ-C2000-R is a user friendly, conductive fiber pressure sensitive adhesive system, which allows for quick installation timelines, immediate foot traffic and rolling loads without odors or downtime due to curing processes. Ideal for raised access flooring applications and installations that require a fully deployable floor.
  6. Copper bridging material provides assured pathway between our ZeroStat™ carpet system and selected grounding point.
  7. Proper grounding can be achieved via A/C electrical ground, building ground, floating ground or system ground (See examples illustrated)
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Yarn Construction

Industries Popular Anti-static "Low kV" carpet

low kV

There are several grades of antistatic, Low kV rated carpet that merely reduce the electrostatic charge by using a temporary topical antistatic coating. In some higher end low Kv carpets, a single antistatic treated fiber may be utilized. Antistatic chemically treated fiber is insulated in the twisting process, (see illustration), providing limited and temporary protection against the damaging effects of ESD and yielding poor electrical performance.

ZeroStat ESD carpet/tile yarn construction

ESD carpet

Over-engineered, ZeroStat™ Carpeting features redundant heavy 0.44 denier conductive yarn fiber interwoven and twisted throughout every yarn bundle to create infinite permanent contact points in every square inch of finished product.

FiberFusion conductive fiber matrix

fiber matrix
Our design concept at this phase of construction was engineered to unite our advanced ZeroStat™ FiberFusionTM technology with our Comfort CushionTM & UniStatTM backing systems for superior electrical performance, enhanced ergonomic comfort and exceptional sound absorption qualities. FiberFusion™ technology is not dependent on temperature or humidity and assures lifetime electrical proformance, quality and comfort.

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