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XO-STAT Dissipative "Computer Grade" Carpet

ESD Carpet for Server Rooms and Office Environments
ESD Carpet

Ground Zero Electrostatics in conjunction with one of the oldest independent carpet mills in the nation is proud to introduce XO-STAT to our arsenal of electrostatic elimination flooring. XO-STAT doesn't just reduce static charge generation but actually draws the electrostatic potential to ground. Utilizing a unique combination of advanced conductive filaments blended with a solution of yarn dyed fiber (26 oz.), XO-STAT is excellent for office environments or for use in sensitive computer server rooms.

With XO-STAT, protection through conductivity meets comfort and quality. Forget about static induced computer network glitches in your offices! No more scuff marks on your ESD floors! This material is easy to maintain (just vacuum), and features unparalleled ergonomic comfort at a price that's competitive with many non-conductive "standard" office grade carpets.

At Ground Zero we have installed, supplied, certified and evaluated possibly every ESD Flooring material on the market. We know the pros and cons of the various materials available. XO-STAT carpet, selected by our industry experience and stringent requirements, provides consistent electrical performance, longevity, ease of installation and price versus quality unmatched in the industry.

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