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Production Stands

Production Stands

Production stands are adjustable in height and operated by motor or by crank. Total load capacity is 440-1100 lbs. Maximum weight of workpiece is up to 119 lbs. The production stand has been designed to maintain optimum ergonomic working conditions. Production stands are ideally suited to assembly work where the operator has to lift or maneuver the workpiece or where there are several assembly stages. Production stands can be constructed using all standard components, to provide a flexible, modular production system well suited for short series and quick-changing production lines as well as integration into existing production departments and industrial workshops. Static control is available at any level, all system components can be finished with conductive paint, as well as conductive options offered on worksurfaces, chairs, foot rests and plastic pickup boxes.

  • Production stand with adjustable frame can be constructed using all standard workstation components
  • Working height can be adjusted on the perforated uprights which have slots every inch

Technical Documents:
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Production Stands