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rubber tile

rubber tile

Ground Zero’s textured rubber tile line is one of our most versatile. The durable construction, color that extends throughout each tile, a variety of profiles, and a choice of profile depths make these tiles perfect for heavy traffic areas. With the added benefits of safety and life-cycle costs, Ground Zero’s textured tile products are your smart choice for commercial rubber flooring.
  • Raised and textured patterns along with natural slip resistance allow dirt and liquids to drain off, increasing traction and meeting ADA recommendations for slip resistance on flat surfaces
  • Increased comfort due to reduced leg fatigue and noise
  • Resistant to scuffs, gouging, cigarette burns, and most chemicals
  • Durable construction backed by a 10-year wear warranty
  • Low maintenance reduces life-cycle costs
  • Available in 30 FlexTones® colors with matching stair treads, wall base and accessories
  • Custom color matching available
  • Less outgassing than vinyls
  • Natural resistance to bacteria/fungi
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$3.98 sq. ft
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Gauge WV (.025" low profile) 1/8"
Size 18" x 18"
Weight per carton 46 lbs.
Square Feet Per Carton 45

Specification Compliance Test Method Specification Result
ASTM F 1344; Standard Specification for Rubber Floor Tile Class I, Type A Federal SS-T-312B; Type II (obsolete)
Composition of Material ASTM F 1344 Certificate of Compliance Passes
Hardness ASTM D 2240 minimum 85 Shore A Passes
Modulus at 10% elongation ASTM D 412, 6.2 minimum 300 psi Passes
Static Load Limit ASTM F 970 maximum 0.003" 125 psi - Passes
Static Load Limit - Modified ASTM F 970 maximum 0.003" 650 psi - Passes
Resistance to Chemicals ASTM F 925 no more than a slight change Passes
Resistance to Heat ASTM F 1514 avg. Delta E not greater than 8 Passes
Thickness ASTM F 373 + 0.015"/- 0.005" Passes
Size, tolerance ASTM F 536 +/- 0.016" per linear foot Passes
Quality of Cut ASTM F 511 0.005" maximum Passes
Fire Standard Test Data Test Method Specification Result
Critical Radiant Flux of Floor-Covering Systems ASTM E 648, NFPA 253 NFPA: Class 1= > .45 Class 1
Smoke Generated by Solid Materials ASTM E 662, NFPA 258 NFPA: 0 - 450 Passes
Surface Flammability IMO A.653 >7.0 Passes
Flammability of Interior Materials FMVSS 302 Burn rate: < 4"/minute; Burn & self extinguish: </= 60 secs. Passes
Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials ASTM E 84, NFPA 255 NFPA 101, Flamespread Standard: Class B
    Class A: 0 - 25 Class A: Class A
    Class B: 26 - 75  
    Class C: 76 - 200  
General Test Data Test Method Specification Result
Static Coefficient of Friction ASTM D 2047 ADA recommends >/= 0.60 Passes, flat surface
(Slip Resistance)      
Flexibility ASTM F 137 3/4" mandrel, no breaks Passes
Abrasion Resistance ASTM F 510 None Excellent
Dielectric Strength MIL-DTL-15562G (Navy) > 30, 000 volts Passes
Water Absorption ASTM D 471 < 0.20% Passes
Oil Absorption ASTM D 471 < 0.20% Passes
Tensile Strength ASTM D 412 800 psi Passes
Ultimate Elongation ASTM D 412 75% Passes
Tear Strength ASTM D 624 (Die C) None Excellent
Dimensional Stability FSTM 6211 Tested as tile Excellent
Outgassing ASTM E 595 None TML: < 1.5%
      CVCM: < 0.3%
Fungi Resistance ASTM G 21 None Resistant
Indentation Resistance ASTM F 142 None Excellent
Impact Sound Transmission (Impact Insulation Class) ASTM E 492 None
Sound Absorption (Noise Reduction Coefficient) ASTM C 423 None
Airborne Sound Transmission (Sound Transmission Class) ASTM E 90 None
Migration Hot Air Oven None Excellent
Color Spectrophotometer Control Passes

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