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Ground Zero RoHS / Green Compliant


Ground Zero RoHS / Green Compliant

Green Dissipative Corrugated Overcoat
Corrugated side: 103 -105
Green Side: 104 -

Ground Zero goes Green with RoHS / Pb Free UltraCon Table Matting
rohs mat
heel grounderLimited Lifetime Heel Grounder -
Rugged, 1.50" wide, two layer, tire-grade conductive rubber Rugged, 1.50" wide, two layer, tire-grade conductive rubber

greenGround Zero has been dedicated to the testing, control and impact of our products to the environment worldwide.

This is why we are excited to announce that our corrugated ESD storage boxes and clamshells containers are RoHs / Green compliant. The Restriction of Hazardous Substances(RoHS) Directive bans all hazardous substances from the European electronics industry.

The substances listed to the right are banned. Starting July 2006 all products that are shipped to Europe will be required to be RoHs compliant.
rohs compliant
When you see this label, that means this container is RohS compliant and lead free. When your order your container ask for RoHS complaint containters.

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Environmental Pollutants and Hazardous Substances Contained in Packaging Materials

  • Cadmium and compounds
  • Mercury and its compounds
  • Lead and its compounds
  • Hexavalent Chromium its compounds
  • PCP (Pentachlorophenol) and compounds
  • Creosotes (tar oils)
  • Ozone depleting substances
  • CFC & HCFC

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