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4 position table for vacuum sealers

4 Position Table Top Stand

  • Clean Room Compatible
  • 4 position tilt stand fits any of our vacuum sealers.
  • Will help you package any product with an angle
  • Ergonomically best suited for your product
  • s

Dual Nozzle


  • For larger bags

E Series Program


  • Eprom with gas vaccum program for E series vacuum sealer with gas purge

Fixed Work Tray


replacement element kit

Replacement Element Kit

  • For "E" Series vacuum sealers
  • Heating Element Kits for Vacuum Sealers
  • Includes heating element, upper & lower teflon tape and rubber

Sealer Stand

  • Clean Room Compatible
  • Adjustable Height & Tilt Shelf
  • Extra Wire Self for Bags or Supplies
  • Leveling glides
  • Casters Optional 

Thermocouple Assembly

  • For termperature controlled sealers

Toggle Switch

  • Converts your Vacuum Sealer into a Impulse Sealer by retracting the Nozzle. 

Vacuum Filter

  • Vacuum Filter Used for Packing with Liquids & Powders

Vacuum Regulator

  • Vacuum Filter Used for Packing with Liquids & Powders

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