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SB 3000 Series Nylon / Foil Barrier Bag

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SB 3000 Series Nylon / Foil Barrier Bag
Material Structure
Multiple layers of metallized polyester provide puncture resistance and moisture barrier for this economical dry package. This highly reliable material meets or exceeds MVTR and EMI/RFI/Static Shielding requirements of EIA 583, Type I for static safe, moisture barrier packaging.

Material Structure

SB 3000 Series Nylon / Foil Barrier Bag

When you want a foil barrier bag for your dry packaging requirements, the SB-3000 offers the best price performance combination. The SB-3000 Moisture Barrier Bag, made of static dissipative polyethylene, has an extremely low MVTR and provides excellent moisture protection for Surface Mount Devices. The SB-3000 bag also provides full protection from ESD, static fields and tribocharging.


  • Excellent moisture barrier
  • Suitable for vacuum packaging and nitrogen flushing
  • Meets the electrical and physical requirements of EIA 583, EIA 541, EIA 625 Type I
  • Static safe; dissipative inner and outer surfaces
  • Amine free, passes outgassing and corrosion tests
  • Used for packaging SMD's in trays, shipping tubes, and tape and reel
  • Printed with ESD and moisture warning symbols
  • Date and lot coded for QC traceability
  • Heat sealable
  • Testable to industry standards
6.1 mils of static dissipative nylon, aluminum foil and static dissipative polyethylene provide a very low MRTV. This foil barrier meets or exceeds the MVTR and EMI / RFI / Static Shielding requirements of EIA 583, Type I for static safe, moisture barrier packaging. 

MVTR(g/100 hrs) Puncture Resistance
Tensile Strength
Seam Strength
Heat Sealing Conditions:

- Temperature
- Time
- Pressure

<.0003 (ASTM F 1249)
17 lbs (FTMS 101 MTH 2065)
6.1 mils (SCC 008)
> 4500 psi (ASTM D882)

300oF - 400oF
0.6 - 4.5 seconds
30 - 70 PSI

Surface Resistivity / Resistance
Static Shielding
Static Shielding
EMI Attenuation
Static Decay

ASTM D257 or ANSI/ESD STM11.11
< 1012 ohms/square or < 1011 ohms
< 1012 ohms/square or <1011 ohms
100 ohms
< 15 volts (EIA 541)
< 10 nJ (EOS/ESD S11.31)
45 dB
< 0.03 seconds (FTMS 101 MTH 4046)
Pass (FTMS 101 MTH 3005)
Pass (ASTM E595)

10 x 20
10 x 30
16 x 18

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