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 ESD Polyethylene Foam
Replacement for 3M2802 LD

Item Number
PECF-(L" x W") - LD

Item Number
PECF-(L" x W") - HD

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Conductive Cross Linked High &
Low Density ESD Polyethylene Foam - Replacement for 3M 2802 LD

Ground Zero cross linked foams are blown using nitrogen gas, rendering them C.F.C. free and H.C.F.C. free making them the cleanest conductive foams available. Their purity and non-sloughing characteristics give Ground Zero cross linked conductive foams and a leading position in the electronics industry. Ground Zero conductive cross linked polyethylene foam is available in a high density product and in a low density product. Both foams are non-corrosive, closed cell foams specifically engineered for use in the electronics industry. The materials are especially suitable for the protection of static sensitive devices and assemblies. Typical applications are for shunting of components leads and PCB edge components. High density cross linked foam is recommended for all standard leads. Low density cross linked foam is recommended for delicate leads. These foams are a replacement for the 3M2802 series.
<104 ohms/sq. Available in sheets, and cut pieces.

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