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What's the Difference Between a Conductive Box and Dissipative Box?
The distinction between a static dissipative plastic and a conductive plastic is essentially one of resistivity ranges.

A static dissipative plastic might have a typical surface resistivity of <1012 and 105 ohms per square.

A conductive plastic will have a typical surface resistivity of <105 ohms per square and a volume resistivity of <104.

GZ conductive boxes has a typical surface resistivity of <105 ohms per square; the volume resistivity is <100 ohms-cm. The static decay is <.10 seconds.

GZ dissipative has a surface resistivity of <1012 ohms per square. the surface resistance is <1011 ohms. The static decay rate is <2 seconds.

Conductive / Dissipative Hinged Boxes

These conductive boxes are ideal for shipping and long term storage of ESD sensitive devices. They contain one piece of polyurethane foam for insertion of component leads and one piece of low density foam which acts as a cushioning material.

  • Provides ESD protective storage and handling of ESD sensitive items
  • ESD protective symbol molded into the cover of the box
  • RTT <1x10E5 ohms - electrostatic charges able to be removed when grounded
  • Secure snap closure keeps boxes from accidentally opening
  • Conductive foam inserts provide protection from vibration and shock
  • Identified with ESD protective symbol as required per ESD S541
  • Identified with Desco Industries web site for traceability

esd box
Item Number
CHB-000 1.3'' x 1.3'' x 0.46''
CHB-004 3.5'' x 2.5'' x 0.63''
CHB-006 4.2'' x 3.2'' x 0.52''
CHB-008 9'' x 5'' x 1.19''
CHB-010 9'' x 5'' x 0.81''
CHB-012 9'' x 5'' x 1.58''


Material: Black conductive polypropylene
Resistivity: Less than 1 x 105 Ohms
(per ANSI EOS/ESD S11.11)
Size Tolerance: ± 1/32”
Temperature Limits: 0° to 120° F
Hinge: Molded one-piece (CHB-000-006, CHB-101-107),
Pin two-piece (CHB-008-CHB-012)
Closure: Snap

Technical Documents:
»» CHB-000-012 Data Sheet

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