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Custom Designed Clamshells

esd clamshells FEATURES:
  • Custom Designed For Your Board or Device
  • Static Dissipative
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Physical Protection
  • Product Visibility
  • In-House Tooling
rohs compliant
Ground Zero designs and manufactures One Piece Clamshells for PC Boards, Electronic Components and Sub Assemblies. Clamshells are manufactured from clear static dissipative PVC or PETG. Ground Zero offers in-house tooling capabilities and stocks raw material to take your application from concept to production in 3-5 weeks. Use with ZeroStat mailer to add static shielding. RoHS Compliant . clamshells
static dissipative clamshell

A static dissipative clamshell can be an excellent method of protecting circuit boards that have fragile components or sharp leads. Clamshells by Ground Zero can be custom designed to bear on selected areas of your device while not touching critical fragile areas. A clamshell eliminates the possibility of sharp leads tearing through a static shielding bag. RoHS Compliant.

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