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Measure Your Board Correctly

When measuring a circuit board to determine the correct cell size, there are two things to keep in mind.

The first one is how do you want the board to fit in the cell opening which edge of the board will it be resting on? A circuit board that measures 10 x 1 x 6 (1" being its profile) would fit into a depth of either 10 inches or 6 inches, depending on which edge of the board you want it to rest on.

The second thing to keep in mind is correctly determining the profile, or thickness of the circuit board. Make sure you measure any leads or attached components that add to the coverall thickness, or profile of your board.

Cell dimensions are defined as follows:

Cell Length will accommodate the dimension of the circuit board that fits left to right in the cell opening. This is the dimension of the edge of the board that will rest on die bottom of the cell.

Cell Width will accommodate the "profile" of the circuit board. This is the thickness of the board with all of its leads and attached components take into account.

Cell Height (Depth) will accommodate the dimension of the circuit board up and down as it sits in the cell.

Cell Calculator
Cell Length x
Cell Width
x Cell Height    
x Total Sq. In.
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